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60 min Live or in-person reading

A live chat via zoom or Channeled personal reading. Customer is able to talk back and forth and ask as many questions as they would like

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25 min video reading

Will record a channeled message based on customers questions, (no more and than 3 questions) or intentions or whatever you are meant to hear
Will email video to watch.

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3 card Pull

Will pull 3 cards to answer 1 question or provide clarity on a situation.

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Yes or No Reading

Ask 1 question and get a yes or no answer. No further details. Will email answer to customer.

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I received a reading from Mystic Blu, it resonated so well. I most definitely recommend get personal reading from Her 


Patrice keeps me going. She has changed my life and the life of my 2 children for the better, with her guidance. I am grateful for our connection because she has helped me get through some seriously hard times. Thank you for all you do, You are truly a gift to the universe💫❤️


Sage Away Spray

Infused with sage, essentials oils and other ingredients, this spray is designed to clear the energy in your space! I also put pieces of clear quartz crystals that were charged under the moon and set on my alter with the intention of clearing space or energy as well.

You ever burn sage or palo santo? Well, this spray was created to have the same intent without the need to burn anything. 

Some people don’t like the smell of burning sage, so I created this spray and added the right essential oils for that smell good!

You can take the bottle with you anywhere and spray anytime you feel you need clearing! 

4oz bottles for $35