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“Take it Higher” MysticBlu

Meet MysticBlu

Originally from Minneapolis, MN. Mystic Blu is what most consider a Spiritual artist.  Her music and words are used to uplift, inspire and heal ones soul.  Now residing in Phoenix, AZ, she is considered one of the local celebrities. She worked her way in to the scene, from a poet,  to a singer songwriter and even a rapper. Blu, as most call her, has performed in every music scene and in every genre in the Valley.  She can go from spitting a spoken word, to pulling our her blue guitar and singing, to rhyming a 16 bar verse in cypher. Her versatility in music is unmatched. She is definitely one of a kind. Throughout her music journey, Blu has had the honor to open up for top acts such as KRS One, Lupe Fiasco, Black Eyed Peas, Jill Scott and Brandy.
Mystic Blu released her first album, I AM in 2014 and will be releasing a EP in 2021 titled AMA.  AMA was a spiritual name given to her by a friend when he was in a trance and Mystic has resonated with it ever since.
Not only does Mystic Blu have a passion for Music, but she has an even bigger passion for Spirituality and healing. For Mystic, healing and spiritual guidance for others is her calling as well. Mystic’s spiritual journey brought her to obtain a degree in transformational psychology from Southwest Institute of Healing arts. Her degree emphasis in Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and Spriritual guidance.
She never thought this journey would land her to being a tarot card reader. That’s correct, Mystic is a channeled intuitive who does general card reads on her You Tube channel and IG page. Mystic does private readings as well. They are available here. She discovered besides music, tarot is truly her passion. It brings Mystic such joy to be able to help others through tarot!
Mystic Blu is also releasing her first book this year about breaking through condependency, and a poetry book.
Be on the lookout for so much coming from this beautiful soul. Music, poetry, books, healing and spiritual tips, plus products.  Mystic Blu is definitely a gift that keeps on giving!



PIECES… It’s a love journey that was the muse for this book. It’s real, it’s raw, it’s deep, it’s lessons, it’s growth, it’s love.

A 20 min guided meditation to assist you with cutting unwanted chords and energy from your space! Please provide email to have mp3 sent to you!

Want to learn Tarot? This is a 4 video lesson on all cards and the meaning of them! Must purchase all 4 together! * Once payment received, will email 4 links to you!

Sage Away Spray

Infused with sage, essentials oils and other ingredients, this spray is designed to clear the energy in your space! I also put pieces of clear quartz crystals that were charged under the moon and set on my alter with the intention of clearing space or energy as well.

You ever burn sage or palo santo? Well, this spray was created to have the same intent without the need to burn anything. 

Some people don’t like the smell of burning sage, so I created this spray and added the right essential oils for that smell good!

You can take the bottle with you anywhere and spray anytime you feel you need clearing! 

4oz bottles for $35 


A live chat via zoom or channeled recorded personal reading. Customer is able to talk back and forth and ask as many questions as they would like